Break it UP!!

Breaking up from a rancorous relationship is not at all bad. So here I am gonna discuss about relations which are better if turned down to ashes.

“Take my hand and I will take you to places where reality is a myth.”

This is what it feels like to be in a relation with your beloved one. In the starting it seems as if the things will work out perfectly, and that He is your happily ever after. It feels as if you’re in your bubble wrap, distant from the reality of the world. But rather than you know that you can’t stay here longer.

“If I revisit you,

Would I be revisiting the insecurities too?”

Yes, the insecurities they come along too. Doubts and cynicism makes a place in your heart instead of the infatuation and love. But the doubts are not always wrong, right? Irony.

It feels like addiction, a need to talk to him, be with him or just lying there in his embrace. It is hard to fight this urge, the urge to go back running to him.

“You make me chase the stars,

In daylight.”

Ending this kind of relationship is hard. It makes you feel vulnerable and broken. You can’t even mend yourself or put the puzzle back together because some of your pieces are still with him. It is like being enamoured to him to his every single habbit.

Here alcohol and ciggrates doesn’t seem like they are destroying you because they are healing you from the broken mess that you are.

So it is good to END such relations rather than being a captivated prisoner. I know it is harder to do than to say but for the sake of survival, Try to be free.

  • Not based on personal experiences.
  • Quotes are written by me.

Experience studying Homoeopathy!

It’s different to study a stream of medicine where philosophy plays an important role and where you have to put your logic aside. Its all about the dynamic and spiritual things on which a normal person finds hard to believe. I was baffled too when I first started the course. It was unbelievable that how a small suppressed skin disease can cause you a life threatening hazard. As I conjectured about the subject I started regretting my choice. But now I have to deal with this as there was no other option left. So instead of blaming this as Fault in my stars I started to search about the subject on internet in books everywhere. Waiting to just listen one thing that Homoeopathy Works!! Eventually I got my answer by seeing homoeopathy work on many of my relatives. The subject of medicine is not the matter of superiority its about benevolence. This is my experience with homeopathy and it is wonderful,it changed my outlook to see the world.

The lost Dignity

Writing?? Naah just coping up with the situation. Inapt to adjust with it I decided to let it all out by writing. The people or I must say the devils who took her dignity Oh sorry, who took OUR dignity in form of raping a small child. She was only 8 years old dreaming about Playing with Horses in meadows but she never knew that demons exist TILL NOW. Captivated and assaulted for 8 long days but she never complained. Because she never got the chance to express her suffering. It make my body shiver to think about how brutally she was killed and mutialiated. Her screams haunt my dreams, How can those demons never listened her screams,her longing to live a normal life? It forms a lump in my throat to see all her hopes crushed by inhumanity. We can never bring justice to HER but we can save others from being HER. She is now in a better world where demons only exist in dreams.